Wired Homes: The Future Today

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Wired Homes: The Future Today

Access controls: Including driveway gates, security keypads, electronic locks, etc.

Audio/video control systems: Home theater, audio and video systems.

Communications: Telephone systems and intercoms.

Control devices and sensors: These activate lights, appliances and systems.

Home automation protocols: These allow different products and subsystems in the home to communicate with one another.

Home theater/satellites: Large screen television, top-notch sound systems, and satellite dish technology.

HVAC and energy management: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control.

Lighting devices and sensors: Preset and activate internal and external lights to turn on, off, dim, or brighten according to your schedule.

Motorized devices: Open and close garage doors or blinds at preset times.

Security systems: Alarms, motion sensors, even child-tracking devices.

Utility-based services: Monitor and control energy-management requirements.

Whole-house control systems: Control and automate many systems in your home simultaneously.

Windows and covering controls: Open or shut blinds or draperies remotely and automatically.

Wire/wiring and cable systems: Structured-cabling systems.